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you still working on that update?

I would love to, but my computer is still not fixed :(  I'm sorry

sorry to hear. Hope you get it going soon.

I can't play the game I wonder why that is does anyone have any idea

I’m going to keep bugging you till you add in “press enter to start” without using a mouse so I can play in vr.

Haha, I've been checking in daily to see if there has been an update to that. 


Ha! so am I.  Someone give this dev a new PC, and a Vive because come on, that's the way to play isn't it?

Wonder how's the full game's look like.

Great job man!almost everything in this game are perfect.

Hey! A very good game, I would be happy if there is a mission exhibition that there are several. And that you can walk around freely after the missions. And that you can see the character. I would be very happy if the game is Extended!

looks great....

wow this game is soo soo soo soo goooooood



This is probably the best fan game I'd ever played.

Great job ! The T-rex looks very very nice !

Thank you ;)

Suggestion: I think it can be nice to have more time at the begining of the game. For example 30 seconds before the T-rex escape. Just to have the time to enter in the game ambiance and see more easily the T-rex breakout.

As a kid Ive always loved this scene and always imagined a jurassic park game as a human completely vulnerable to an escaped dinosaur, and THIS, is the closest feeling Ive ever got to that dream. Bravo sir, I was immersed, captivated, and terrified by a simple fan made game.  I would love to see a co op game of sorts where you would run for safety to escape Isla Nublar and I imagine it would have the same intensity as you brought with this short demo. I would love to see where this goes, fantastic job!

Very Simple But High Quality game! I Played Really Fun! 

재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)

For as short as it was this was an amazing looking recreation of an iconic scene from Jurassic Park. Well done! 

This is the best Jurassic Park homage/game I have ever seen, well done. You were able to capture the tension and genuine terror from the scene that I haven't felt since I was 4 watching it for the first time. I can't exaggerate how genuinely impressed I am with this project, especially considering you made this in a little over a month(?!). 

I keep getting reminded of the Alien AI from Alien: Isolation, which is awesome. I imagine that, if you wanted to expand this, that's the approach you would want to take. Here's a great breakdown of this system:

A few minor things I noticed that could help with the immersion:
-The raindrop particle effect falls inside the car (You may have heard this a lot and if so my apologies). This can be mitigated by placing a polygon collider/trigger around the car and a script that listens for collision. Once this occurs the script would delete the appropriate raindrop particle.
-Screenshake. You have it in the car, but I think you should just have it in general. Trigger it on footsteps AND when Rexy roars (at least in close proximity).
-Rain effects on the player camera would be a simple but effective touch when you exit the car, would also make seeing the Rex more difficult (which is a good thing).

Again, I loved this demo. Can't wait to see where you go with it.

Doesn't work for me :'(   Game crashes at startup?

Real fun and real spooky!! it was alot of fun ! 


Loved the ArtStyle of this game if this trex model and animation is by you...dude u did one amazing job!! 

How do I extract a RAR file? I really want to play this but don't know how. Thanks.

You can use Win-Zip, 7-Zip, Win-RAR.  Any of those are good to go. 

Looks like another fellow already informed you about using your game in VR.  I tried it on VorpX, but with this VR injection driver I found for Unity, I am looking forward to getting the full 3D roomscale.  You've made a true gem here, bud.  Not sure if you saw it already, but here's me attempting it in VR, and the driver link below that for anyone else out there interested.

I LOVE THIS GAME!  I got 2 questions: 1 Are you gonna make a bigger game of it?  And 2: Is that if it coming on steam or ?????? I would pay 20 euro's for a bigger game like this.

This is an amazing game man, wonderful job. I can't wait to see what you do this this, and I completely think you should do more to this! 

Nice work on this, love the rain on the windscreen. Did you use the Ford  Explorers and fences from here? ?

Thank you.. Yup, I did use only car models and I modified them so that you can open and close the door.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have 100% accurate Ford Explorers with full interiors,  if you'd

like to use them I'd be happy to help. I've also built several scenes from JP here 

If you're interested in working together, drop me an email. 

this game was amazing make sure you give this a go. I would love to see more done with this I go in to it a bit at the end of the video.  To the dev you have done a incredible job on this well done mate

Thanks bro! Your thumbnail is awesome ;D

You can also check out this Raptors in the kitchen scene I made -

amazing I’ll get on that 

I also tried the raptors one in vr and it does work as well. But it has the same problem as t.rex, can’t get past the start screen in vr because I can’t click the start button. Menu looks wonderful tho lol. If you find a way to add in “press enter to start” or something in trex, can u do the same to raptors please?

Hello unity5games. I have downloaded your great raptors in the kitchen game, but it is much darker on my screen than in every youtube gameplay. Do you know why? It is not because of my computer settings, i have my desktop brightness on the highest level already. I hope to get an answer from you:D (sry if my english is not the best)

Sorry for wait, try to start the game with a lower resolution. If that doesn't help I think it's a lighting glitch.

Most appreciated.

In regards to size and shape, don't change the rex. It honestly looks just like the film.

What a perfect representation of the film! I have never seen anything that was this close to the actual film! This makes me want to keep exploring the island! Keep up the good work. It would be awesome to include the sequence where the explorer goes over the cliff/paddock. Possibly choose the option to enter the vehicle getting pushed off or provide you with the option to standby and watch the event unfold. Again, nice work and if you decide to do the entire film, take your time and do exactly what you did with this!

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Your game is so amazing! I wrote a short article about it (in spanish) for our website. Hope you like it!:

BTW, I love your T-Rex model (The only thing I would touch up would be the thickness of the snout, it seems a bit thin, but not too much, and surely not when up close and personal). What did you use? Z-Brush and 3DMax?

Thank you! I use Blender for modeling and sculpting. Yes, the model has certainly not been completed yet, I'm working on the improvements and details of the T-Rex model.


please, if the developer is listening, I’ve found a way to make this work in vr, we just need a way to start the game without clicking the start button. Maybe hit enter to start as a suggestion? This game would really shine as an immersive vr experience. The menu alone standing in the rain looking at the t.rex in vr looks amazing!

I 2nd this! Got it working in the vr and got to the menu but just cant hit the start button. but i must say the main menu even looks stunning in vr. but a way to use the main menu without the mouse would be make this work, like a gamepad or even mouse and keyboard


That's the easiest thing to do but I'm not sure that it'll work with the mouse look when you play the game. Anyway I will make the start button possible very soon, I have a little problem with my PC and will be fixed this weekend. The main menu is so much improved, animation is added  when T-rex eats the goat.
I didn't know that it works in VR, I wish I have it..

Thats super! we can move our heads around in the menu and look around so it may be ok, I will defo upload a video of it showing you the results when its done, hope the pc isnt too much issue to fix :)

here is just a quick test video I recorded off my screen moving the headset around so you can see it does work

hard to tell from the vid but that is in ful 3D roomscale vr.


did u fix your pc on the weekend? Really hoping you get a chance to add that start button soon to get that vr plug in going!

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I also support this for VR!
Like everyone else, I was able to only see the main menu in VR. I decided to hold off on seeing the whole experience and wait to check it out exclusively in VR, if there is a workaround inbound.
Very impressed with what I saw so far, well done! 

ok, I need help. I got it running in full roomscale vr but I cannot hit the start button! I can stand there and look at the menu and the trex in the rain but i need a way to force start the game without the need of a mouse because the mouse is all messed up in vr and doesnt know whats direction to go.

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For some reason the games graphics show up to dark and i can hardly see anything. I cant figure out how to fix it. Can anyone help with this?

You can change game screen resolution before you press play, hope that helps.

ok. Thank you I'll try that one. I was using the reconvened one it puts you on at the start up of it. Do you know which one I need to use? Sorry I'm not to acknowledge a bowl about which screen resolution I need to use

we tried to change the screen  resolution at the beginning of the main screen and it still shows everything to dark. I don't know what's making it be so dark on my end. On the graphics it plays super smooth. Just sadly I can't see anything sept what's in the car and different shades of black. 

I honestly don't know what causes that problem, you can try download it again and see will it work then.

I have from this site but for some reason it doesn't show up right on my laptop but works just fine on my GFs.

Even though this is short, it is also very cool I hope you decide to make more.

good experience

has anybody tried this to add vr? I’ll try later but it’s usally a pretty easy solution to add vr to unity games.


This game is about to be a big thing, especially if you decide to develop the game with VR. holy crap bro I have never been so scared and excited of a trex game in my life... 

Awesome. Only if the whole game was recreated like this >.>.

Wrote a little writeup to tell our fans.

this does not work,i downloaded it and it does not open

You need to download Winrar software to extract this file, then you can play it.

I made an account on this to just tell you that your game is amazing. I wish like so many others that Universal would watch and learn how to create an amazing Jurassic Park survival game. 

I cannot wait to see what you will do with this demo in the year. I really love your work so far. I hope you continue to add to it, maybe add the scenes from the film. You need to get a flare from the back to save the kids or maybe a make it really difficult to escape and only the flare can be used. I don't know but your game is great so far!

You have done amazing! 

god playing this made me feel so giddy with nostalgia my only concern is the fact that rexy can alt-turn and does the michael jackson moonwalk

I reaaaally want to know how you managed to put this together. I play a lot of indie games but this really wowed me, you obviously have a passion for the films!

I can't really comment on how to take it further as I have no idea how long you grinded to make this haha, but if you make a raptor / kitchen next you'll be my hero!

Here's the YouTube thing

he did

He did? Did what? The tension is killing me!

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he made the raptor kitchen scene, here or so I hear

wow thank you!

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