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I doesn't work for me which I find it to be a little weird

The frameout on this was VERY bad, but impressive game! Thought it was very cool!

Here is my playthrough of it:

hey mate, just one TINY request please. Can you make it so that when we press enter at the beginning it starts the game? cause it's the only thing preventing us from playing it in vr! the mouse is not able to select the menu. Can you let enter or space start the game please?

Love how accurate this is to the film and the little touches that have been added that I didn't think would be even be there. Would love to see this turn into something bigger with maybe even the raptor scene added, a VR option or even branching away from the film and having to escape the Rex. LOVE IT!


This was a really cool demo. Didn't seem like there was much to do, but damn, was it ever well made. Loved how you made Rexy look. It really worked.

You can see my lovely reaction here if you want another gander at someone screaming while being eaten. xD

Really cool game idea. The graphics are good and the T-rex looks awesome. If you keep updating it, i recommend adding some kind of objective. You could make it so the other car is the only one that works and you have to figure out how to get over to it without getting eaten.

Love this game, I've played it everyday since i downloaded it and have some suggestions. Make it so Rexy can flip the car while you are it so you don't know what will happen when she attacks it, add flares for distractions, allow you to get inside the second car. Also if can, would like to see a game similar but surviving the indoraptor chasing you in the Lockwood Manor for JW Fallen Kingdom.


I really love this game.. It's short.. but it brightened my day and gave me mega nostalgia ! :D

I have the same problem as Sn303.

Have you extracted the downloaded file with Winrar?

This game can only be played on Windows.

I don't think so. How do I do that?

I can not open the game and play it please HELP

Have you extracted the downloaded file with Winrar?

This game can only be played on Windows.

Fantastic. Just needs some sort of objective to aim for so you can complete the game like... looking for a flare so you can escape or.... use it to get the T.rex to knock over the toilet so he can eat Genaro. Or finding a cable so you can use it to climb down the side of the paddock to safety. Or both...  Either way fantastic job!

Great graphics !!!

Impressive :D, good job dev

hello dev, adding vr to this game literally takes a few minutes, this guy did it in one minute:

I’ll donate $15 to you if you do it, please. 

dude i would donate 50 dollars if he added vr

OMGGG he has to do it man, comment on his post saying you want it in vr too 

I will, just need some time.

can't wwait like it will be godly amazing

why don’t you just add it yourself? It’s super easy to do. Just put this in the game folder and drag the .exe onto the .ipa.

Haven’t tried yet but that usually works for unity games.

I just have a few small quick questions. 
1. How do I win this game? 
2. Why can't I enter the bathroom to hide?
3. No flares? 
4. Why can't I enter other car? 
5. Any chance of recreating the kitchen raptor scene that was claustrophobic as hell?! 

Cuz this

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You can't win this game because it's just a demo. But you'll be able to enter the bathroom and have flares in full game release. Entering other car will also be possible in full version.

I already made the raptor kitchen scene, you can download it here :

Hey man, i made an account JUST to comment and tell you (or beg you) if you can add vr support for this..???? it would be AMAZINGGGGG i beg you

First off, I'm a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise and this game has been a far fetched dream of mine and I loved every second of it but, there is one looming problem: Game Optimization, the game runs incredibly slow, I can run most modern titles at medium to high no problem, why a unity game is running at 23 Fps on average is beyond me, did you ever look into occlusion culling or any other simple optimization tricks in Unity? overall final verdict of this game is a solid 9/10, can't wait to see future improvements!

amazing !!! without words, very good game and demo
I'm from Chile and this is my game play of your demo,
if you make more content and games of this saga of Jurassic Park,
happy to play it!

greetings master

I can not download the file when it reaches a certain percentage it stops and from erro T-T

Stunning animation, beautiful audio and awesome visual, but could you possibly make it so the game is supported by Mac? I understand if you can't. GREAT GAME STILL!

Hello, me and my Spanish youtubers friends we congratulate you for this impressive contribution to the fans of the jurassic park saga and I will be happy to upload any new demo that you want us to teach, seriously an awesome job.


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Comments on YouTube about this game that I HOPE you'll consider, you did an unbelievably polished and beautiful job on this, I think you'd be the best one for what we have in mind. =)

Comments in order:

The guy who made this game really made an awesome job.
Now we need the iconic Dennis Nedry scene as a game!

Yes. We need a Dilophosaurus to stalk you in a forest, and just as you get to the jeep (and not until then) it spits venom at you. If you turn around at the right time you can get in and drive. If not ... R.I.P You.

I third this wholeheartedly! Also the sick Triceratops scene.

I fourth this motion! Although, rather than the being spit on by nearing the jeep, have 5 minutes from start to attack of dino-curiosity and stalking as it sizes you up and you rapidly solve wenching-related puzzles as fast as you can, then the attack comes and you gotta run back to the wenched jeep if you were fast enough, or run and hide and sneakily resume wenching if you were slow. ///// Someone get the maker of this game to notice Allbuch's idea and these comments! lol

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Also, if you can find the hidden stick and throw it over the curious dilo's head, it'll give you a bonus minute of puzzle solving time. ;)


Ok, wow thank you! So I guess the next one is Dilo and Nedry scene, yay! I already can tell it'll look great, I need to make a Dilophosaur model.

Also I've made a very good Spinosaur model, which I plan to use for boat attack scene.

i really need to see a VR port somehow. This stuff would be a fantastic VR experience. Plus my brother won't try it till it is. Please make my dreams come true

This demo was amazing! The sound and visual quality had me running toward my copy of Jurassic Park on DVD. Great work for sure. I'd love to see more! Pleeeeeasssee!

Norton is giving me a malicious software warning and will not let me download the game

Mad modelling and rigging skills on display here, but this isn't really a game.

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This Game ist awesome!! You made this nice T-Rex?? Alone?
Very cool!! Can you make this torches from JP? :D

(sry for my bad english I'm not a native speaker)

I normally dont leave reviews, but my god this little demo is AMAZING (sadly i had to play it in medium graphics cause my pcs a potato) But oh man this got my heart racing i actually felt like i was in danger, but if anyone wants to know how my first playthrough went here it is

-Starts game

-Doesnt see T rex, thinks game is broken

-gets outta car

-turns around

-Regrets decision

-takes off running

-t rex doesnt notice me somehow

-t rex walks around the car

-t rex sees me

-t rex runs at me

-I now need new pants

Is it just me or does the "download link" not show up anywhere on this page? I can't seem to find it, haha.

I was updating it, now it has download link!

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unity5games! I don't know who you are but I would love to collaborate with you. Please leave me an email contact. I am a Unity Certified developer, and I would love to help you to make your project into Virtual Reality. 

Davide Riccitiello -

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! Download link is updated, you can now switch to inverted look in the main menu.

Hello, I would just like to point out that every time I try to open it wont allow me to, what should I do?  I don't know how to extract it either..

I can help making this a real masterpiece, but atm have no way contacting you!

super cool game like it a lot wish there was more to it!!!!

NOW THIS IS GOOD! | T-Rex Breakout | Demo

this game was awesome!! i cannot believe the amount of detail in this!! you have done incredibly well! awesome job on creating this!

Amazing! Very realistic... I love it!

Wow, this is very impressive! A great scene from one of my all time favorite movies :) Excellent job!

I really loved the visuals here. When i first saw the screenshots i was thinking you just uploaded screenshots from the movie, Glad to see the quality level is supurb. You captured the suspense from the movie perfectly. 

Graphically Beautiful Game...Very well Put Togther In The Design Side..Great job
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