A downloadable game for Windows

Hi! This is a recreated scene from Jurassic Park, where you have to try not to die while being chased by Rexy. You can enter only one car. If you enter the car while being chased, Rex will try to flip and break the car. Somehow I created T-Rex model by myself and also textures, animations..I think it looks pretty awesome.

I worked so hard on this over a month, and I'm happy how it turned out.

If you have any suggestions for this game, please let me know, and help me to make this game even better.

Here are the screenshots from this game

Install instructions

Extract a rar file where you want and run T-Rex Breakout Demo.exe to play.


T.Rex Breakout_v0.1.rar 192 MB


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Hi, unity5games!  

I would like to make a suggestion for your game, which was spectacular, you could add a way to pass the level, that is, definitely escape from Rexy. And I say the same thing about the Raptors game, which I really loved. You could also create a playable part of the Indoraptor scene at the Lockwood mansion, where the characters Owen, Claire and Maisie hide from it! Thanks for listening! A, and I was going to forget to say that your games have already crossed borders, in the country I live in, Brazil, your game is very famous, it is very successful here! Note: I am using Google translator to communicate with you if you have any questions. Bye!

Ok so I've downloaded this game and running it through my oculus rift. Basically In put the headset on and Im on the ground outside the car, cant control anything, tried keyboard and mouse, controller and oculus controllers, tried reseting view, nothing works, how the F*Ck do I get the game started???? Looks amazing, sounds amazing, but nothing works

Seems like an absolutely heartbreaking waste of time at the moment, launches from oclus hub but does fuck all

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i cant run it for some reason i need a jar or somthing along those lines not a rar

There are no files its currupted or not working

could you make it so you can pick up the flares and goggles


Hi can you please make it to where maybe it can be multiplayer and you can hide inside the bathroom. It would also be cool if you can hide under the cars


That would be a very cool experience for virtual reality

Once it has downloaded at the bottom what do I do next?

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Could you change the model in your spinosaurus demo to the model from Jurassic World: Evolution?

That's not how copyright works, kid.

He got away with using the Primal Carnage model.

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PC is an indie game, which is why it's easy to obtain. No AAA companies protect the property but the artists themselves. It's different for JW:E because it's property of Universal Studios that Frontier is authorized to handle.


I may be kinda dumb, but after I downloaded the game onto my Windows laptop, I clicked open and save, and nothing happened afterwords. I know I probably made a dump mistake, but how should I download this in a way that I can play?

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In my free time, I'm developing a Trespasser Remake/Re-imagining. I would love to collab with you based on this project! Very nicely done.

Can you make this game playable for macbook air user please?

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I made a couple suggestions in my game-play of your Free Dinosaur Game at 

it keeps adding time for downloading

I can't download it 


The game launch only in VR mode. That isn't so bad actually, but when I'm playing it, I can't open the door :/ (I have Oculus)

How can I play this on a 86 bit system? It says I need a 64 bit system :(

86 bit system?

This gave me so many feels. I want more!

This is wonderful, thank you. If anyone is curious, the game does work on a Linux based OS using wine.


How long is it gonna be for the full game to be released? 

How can I play this game on a Mac laptop???

I have a 32bit version of windows and i cannot run the game.  Is there a 32 bit version available?

I have a 32bit version of windows and i cannot run the game.  Is there a 32 bit version available?

Don't know why but SteamVR keeps launching everytime I launch this game, even with the option -novr and if I try to play it in VR I just can't open the car door.


I have a 32bit version of windows and i cannot run the game.  Is there a 32 bit version available?

hi, big thx for the game. looks very good. greetings from germany

maybe a VR update? that would be.. immersive

Istall Riftcat and open with -steamvr

Awesome game!


Thank you so much for this and the Raptor (Kitchen) we had so much fun/it scared the CRAP out of us! :D

Its quite fun and unique keep it up ! 👍👍

Hi! I am the Jurassic Park/World series BIGGEST fan! (or so I think) and I have only seen videos of your game (I have a crappy Pc and cant play it) but I think there are some things you should add! (These are just suggestions)

Allowing the player to enter the bathroom

Footsteps in mud


Graphic settings so people with crap computers can play

And that's about it!

But a graphics setting would be nice and I hope to see it

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I've thought of some more improvements and additions since my last comment:

The goat leg on the roof of Lex & Tim's car.

See your character's body on screen when you look down to the ground and see the arm and hand when you perform an action like opening the car or bathroom door. See the flashlight model on screen held in your character's hands when you use it.

You hear your character scream in pain for a few seconds when you're eaten.

Change the ground to mud that the characters and dinosaur can leave footprints in. The current version looks more like concrete. Here's some footage from Lego Jurassic World that shows how it should look:

Footage starts around 6:58.

If you get out of the car right at the beginning of the demo when Rexy is breaking out it will interrupt that scripted animation and Rexy will attack you right away (i feel this is actually a better idea than locking the player in the car until the animation plays out like i previously suggested).

An optional objective where you can try to save Gennaro before saving the kids and bring him with you to their car.

The tunnel the cars drove through on the approach to the T-rex paddock. Here's a pic of it: https://ibb.co/nbU6Je 
That picture also shows that the fence stops where the cliff is.

Its pupil should get smaller like in the movie when you shine the flashlight in its eye (as well as reacting to the flashlight in general as i suggested in a previous comment). Also you should have to get the flashlight out of the attache case where the flares are instead of already having it when the demo begins. There's a video here to help with modelling and texturing:

Its foot should knock you to the ground if it walks into you when you're standing still. But not actually kill you.

The dinosaur should hear you if you walk or run right behind it.

This is kind of nitpicking but the numbers on the cars should be 4 and 5.

Nitpicking again - reflections in the car mirrors.

The ripples in the glasses of water in the cars are broken in the updated version (with the goat on the main menu), they're now just white squares that appear when there's a footstep and then shrink away. Also the text on the main menu is half way off the screen in the goat menu version.

In a previous comment i suggested render resolution option for people with Intel HD graphics. I found out how to add custom resolutions to the Intel HD control panel so that previous suggestion doesn't matter anymore. I also got my Xbox One controller working with the game by using the Xpadder software.

I'm thankful for what you have made so far but with all the extra stuff added it could be phenomonal.


I strongly recommend that you increase the game character in height equal to the height of the car for the sake of realism because there is a feeling that you are playing for the child. Please do not ignore it. I'm sorry for the mistakes  I'm from Ukraine.

Yeah, this definitely violates copyright and trademark claims... need to watch out dude, universal's lawyers might not like seeing this.

One question: How will you deal with copyrights and trademark if you release this game? Is Universal chill about fan games or not? I am kind of working out a Jurassic Park game idea myself but have the same problem :/ I don't want to get in trouble and I bet neither do you so I was wondering how you will deal with that once you make a full game?

This looks amazing btw! Keep up the good work! ;)

I think if he releases it for free as a fan project it'll probably be fine.

I downloaded the game but it won't star how do you start it?

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Good demo. Really liked it. Been waiting for a game like this since seeing the movie as a kid 20+ years ago.

Here's some things i feel would make it even better:

Hide in the bathroom and if he's chasing you when you go in there it gets destroyed and you get eaten off the toilet like in the movie.

Use flares that the T-rex will react to and follow if thrown.

T-rex reacts to the flashlight (currently it does nothing apart from making things easier to see).

T-rex able to turn the cars over and crush them like in the movie and you have to crawl out. You could make it randomized, sometimes he turns the car over, other times he just breaks through the roof and eats you like in the current version.

T-rex stops and sniffs you if he bumps into you when he's walking around, even when he doesn't know you're there apart from by physical touch.

Be able to go inside both of the tour cars and find and use the night vision goggles in Lex & Tim's car.

This next suggestion might be quite a lot of work but maybe add the other human characters in the cars with some basic AI that you could order to follow you to safety down the road.

Get rid of the trees blocking the road and make it so you "escape" and beat the demo if you make it a certain distance down the road without being spotted.

Puddles on the ground.

Make the rain drops on the car windows actually run down and not just stuck in one spot.

Controller support for people who find playing with a mouse & keyboard too hard.

Thank you for your work so far.


Thank you for suggestions! Flares and flashlight would be pretty simple to add, I will consider adding Lex and Tim, which will be a lot of work yes, making the models, textures and animations... I made some humans before for the other projects, so it shouldn't be that hard.

I was thinking what would happen with Lex and Tim in the game when the T-Rex spots them outside the car and you have to distract her with flare, but Lex will definitely scream at T-Rex every time so that's the problem :D

And maybe at the beginning I'll add Gennaro running to the toilet when the T-Rex comes out of the fence, and goes to hunt him, so you have time to save the kids.

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Sounds good.

You could have Lex scream once when she gets out of the car then she learns to be quiet after that.

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