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Hi! This is a recreated scene from Jurassic Park, where you have to try not to die while being chased by Rexy. You can enter only one car. If you enter the car while being chased, Rex will try to flip and break the car. Somehow I created T-Rex model by myself and also textures, animations..I think it looks pretty awesome.

I worked so hard on this over a month, and I'm happy how it turned out.

If you have any suggestions for this game, please let me know, and help me to make this game even better.

Here are the screenshots from this game

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
Tags3D, Dinosaurs, First-Person, jurassic-park, Photorealistic, Remake, t-rex-breakout, Unity


T.Rex Breakout_v0.1.rar 192 MB

Install instructions

Extract a rar file where you want and run T-Rex Breakout Demo.exe to play.


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Very entertaining. 

So cool! felt like I was transported back to my childhood.


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Soooooo cooooool i'm the biggest Jurassic park fan, yes I can challenge you on this BTW, you can well understand my excitement and mechanization with the beauty and teeth of REXY. Loved it.  Mr. DEV please make more games like these please! 

Love It! Best game from Jurassic Park! 😎😛🤩🫠

very very very good, as a jurassic park fan i say another pls :)

I like the game  it really cool

I played this as part of my 4 Spooky games series and I must say *chefs kiss* a dinosaur game that legit scared me! This was awesome as I love dinosaurs!





fun short game :)

Had a blast 


if you are still working on the game, can you add a feature that lets you get to the drivable car or just a way to complete a scene to unlock another, for example, if you survive a minute in a half (purely and example you can make it as long as you want) you unlock the scene where you have to drive away from the T-rex.

Un juego bastante similar en cuanto modelaje y mecánicas de la misma temática de Jurassic Park, tambien bastante recomendado para complementar esta experiencia de realidad virtual de nuestra saga favorita de Jurassic Park amigos ♥,  me gustaron mucho estos 2 juegos la verdad uwu

I do not think that you are still active here nor you are going to work on this game! It has been a long time since you have posted anything new, but in case you still want to work on this game, I have some feedback and suggestions for you, let us know:

Un pequeño short del juego con las mejores partes que me gustaron, muy bueno a mi opinión, ojala lo hagan un juego mas largo ♥

Me Encanto Este Video Juego Pese A Que Sea Un Demo Tecnico, Tiene Graficos Bien Geniales Y El Movimiento Del T-Rex Es Igual Al De La Pelicula Cuando Se Escapa De Su Jaula, 100% Recomendado, Una Experiencia Que NO Pueden Dejar Pasar, Les Dejo Mi Reacción ♥

T-rex breakout demo

Don't download😠😢😭😱Jurasic world breakout

Any chance you can create a quick port for VR that doesn't require all the extra janking around ?  Thanks! :)

et j'espere que ton jeu fais beaucoup de telechargement

Bonjour , je voulais dire que ton jeu est super bien mais c'est une question il ya que la scène du T rex ? Mais sinom ton jeu est hiper bien il m'eriterais d'aller sur steam car tu as travailler TRES dur et c'est admirable j'ai poster sur twitter ton jeu ;) Liens de mon Twiter :  https://twitter.com/ MathieuLeGam3 

voila je voudrais te remercier pour ton jeu qui est spectaculaire ;) 

Voila ;) 

je m'appelle Mathieu , 11 ans et GG pour ton jeu ;)



Dude this animations are insane, i hope for updates soon!

The screenshots show a higher quality of image than my potato can run. Are there graphic options?

My 7 yo loves it. He is asking if you can hide a gun in the toilet and use the gun to fight against the dinosaur.

thanks heaps for making this available for everyone

great demo but the beeing able to stand still and trex not see you is bull. trex had one off the best visons 

I love this game ! Please finish it 

Fun short experience, If you are a Jurassic Park fan...This is a must have!

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. This was SO amazing.!

The sounds, the rain effects, the models, animation, trees blowing in the wind.

Kudos to you. Made me realize how awesome a modern remake of this movie would be.

really enjoyed the experience, was assuming i could be ginaro and headed for the toilet haahaaa, thank you for allowing us to experience this

Here is my video on this game! Nice job! 

dude this is awesome, its just the demo?? when are we getting the full experience??

Okay, Whoever did this  did an amazing fucking job!!!!  I mean down to a T.  Can you please make more JP Scenes?? That was probably the best experience of life,  my fav movie is JP!! I enjoyed that so much more than i should have lol  
 Maybe the T rex chasing the jeep? Must go faster lol 


how do you get into the game?

For me, every time I download it, it says I don't have an app associated with it, so it doesn't work for me either, it means that since it's such a large file, it un-downloads it or something.


whats your email to discuss making a custom game? Cheers!

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