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How can i play it vr on my android ?

can i use controles


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i cant download some error come in my chrome ??

is cool with mom

This game is awsome

hope this helps!

Here is the link to the .rar extractor I used if this helps:

Get BreeZip: Rar, Zip & 7z Extractor - Microsoft Store

It worked well and made sense for me and im 14 so its easy!

You did an amazing job with this man! I loved every bit of it even though there's no way to actually escape I just sneaked into some buses and it made it feel real. I finally figured out how to make the game work after a day of trying! I thought I had a .jar or .rar file extractor but I didn't so once I downloaded one of those the game worked perfectly! You did an amazing job with the graphics. I do have one question for someone who knows is the velociraptor game of this still somewhere I want that one too so if you have a link can you put it in a response. Thanks so much!

It looks very good. Hopefully you keep adding things. It would be nice if there is a way to win. Maybe to escape. Nice work! 

Its a cool game, nice detail 

So it won't download at all. No RAR file available... 

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i cannot see anything everythings black


Please patch this and bring more meat to this game, it's awesome

it says something like "this does not have an app attached, please create one" or something like that

please help

so it is 192 mb then... your download would have unfinished itself it would have said completed when it was even under 100mb

Nice very nic

This is a legit re-creation!

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This one scene form Jurassic Par always gave me the nightmares! As a child I couldn't watch this scene. I have to face my childhood nightmares! The re-creation of this one theme is just too good!

Good graphics

ok so i figured out when the VR weirdly puts you out of view to hit the enter button to start it, but as far as i can tell the only controls are keyboard based, how the hell am i supposed to see what key to hit when i have VR goggles on my face? lol no xbox controller or touch controller support, its a shame, with proper controls for VR this would be pretty incredible i got eaten twice and it was scary, but constantly having to remove my goggles to put my fingers on the proper keys destroys how immersive it is

Yo me he descargado el juego 2 veces pero no me deja entrar.

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I downloaded it, got it to work in VR, but no amount of button pressing on my touch controllers, my wired xbox controller, or the key board seems to move me, it just loads me behind the JP explorer, I can kinda see the T rex moving on the other side but it does not load like in the youtube videos and gives me no options to start the game, what am I doing wrong?

Same here. I am desperate to check this out and nothing moves me from outside the Jeep, in the rain. Please help!!

This game was beautifully done! The graphics were on point. The movement of the t-rex was a tad jankey but even with that one negitive there are about 100 other aspects that are absolutly on point, making the game completely emmersive for me. 

jeez its kinda mean to say him like that.. he coded for a month and u guys still complain

I see it works in vr but I cant get the controls or any key to work the menu.Jesus loves you !

Love it! I really enjoyed playing this!

What controls or keys to work the menu ? Did you play in vr ?

I didn't use VR. Pressing the 'Enter' key starts the game. As for the other options they are off screen so I can't help you with them.

So it starts in vr all by itself but the controls won’t work.

Én igazat megvallva már vagy ovis korom óta imádom a dinókat és néztem máig is dinós meséket vagy filmeket, mint pl: Dínó tesó. A játékhoz én nekem lenne egy javaslat ami nem máss lenne mint hogy több játékos módban is lehessen vele játszani, max 4 de a játékos azt beállíthathassa hogy mennyi mint pl: 3,2 stb. A grafika nagyon szuper egyszerűen imádom, az eső is nagyon élethű lett az biztos, és a T rex animációja is nagyon szuper. Mindent eddig imádok benne. :3 De lehetne akár az is hogy random házakba mint a filmben szereplő dinó keltető labor abba is szerintek tök jó lenne ha be lehetne menni, meg több ragadozó és növényevő is kerülhetne szerintem bele. Ez a játék azért jó mert a grafika animáció, stb., meg hogy nem kerül pénzebe se. Remélem ez után sem lessz fizetős. :3 Ha játék készítőjének esetleg van Instagram oldala akkor én be fogom azt követni az tuti : ).

Ezt a rajzot pedig a készítőnek küldöm kis rajzom nem tudom hogy tetszik e de ez egy ajándék a készítőknek, és fejlesztőknek is egyaránt : )

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I think this game needs online play. People can play online and try to escape from the T-Rex  together! That would be awesome.

This could be great in VR




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Hi, unity5games!  

I would like to make a suggestion for your game, which was spectacular, you could add a way to pass the level, that is, definitely escape from Rexy. And I say the same thing about the Raptors game, which I really loved. You could also create a playable part of the Indoraptor scene at the Lockwood mansion, where the characters Owen, Claire and Maisie hide from it! Thanks for listening! A, and I was going to forget to say that your games have already crossed borders, in the country I live in, Brazil, your game is very famous, it is very successful here! Note: I am using Google translator to communicate with you if you have any questions. Bye!

Ok so I've downloaded this game and running it through my oculus rift. Basically In put the headset on and Im on the ground outside the car, cant control anything, tried keyboard and mouse, controller and oculus controllers, tried reseting view, nothing works, how the F*Ck do I get the game started???? Looks amazing, sounds amazing, but nothing works

Seems like an absolutely heartbreaking waste of time at the moment, launches from oclus hub but does fuck all

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