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Hey i played your game for my channel :D


This is so WELL DONE!!  I'm still waiting for the ENTER key to work so that I can play on the VIVE in VR as well!   Can you please make this possible soon??

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It's a very good start. However, there are some big immersion breaking things to address, if you intend to update the game.

1. I do love the way you have the feet animated in the way they press against the ground. Very impressive. But the way the walk animation slides out of pace is very immersion breaking. On top of that - and a much more difficult fix - is getting the t-rex to have proper turning animations. The best example of big dino beasts having amazing walking animations is Monster Hunter World, but that's gonna be a pain to try and mimic... but worth the effort.

2. The roads being blocked by forestry. It looks bad. I'd say get rid of that and make it so that they're possible exit points if you play right. Maybe can have one blocked off by fallen trees and rubble. Can make it so that if you hit a certain distance without being seen, you auto exit. But if he sees you, there's just a bunch of road to run down till he eats you.

3. AI pathing. Had the t-rex trying to walk through the cars to come sniff me.

4. Can clip through his feet. Once he has his back turn, you can basically do all sorts of goofing around, including hiding inside of his legs.

5. Can sprint to the exit for a clean getaway during the t-rex's opening animation. The best way to solve this would be to make it so the player can't leave the car until the animation is finished.

Again, what you have is a great start so far. With some more work, this can truly go great places. I have more critiques, but its more of smaller stuff.


This was such a cool game! Ive been wanting to play this game for so long and it lived up to my own hype :P

P.S. I found out you had a made a similar game but with the raptor kitchen scene. Any chance, you could redirect me to that game page as I couldn't find it on this site.


Thank you! Soon I will post a new update.
HERE is the raptor kitchen scene, enjoy :)


Hello Unity5! :)

I ´m a Houdini FX artist/TD, i believe i can help you (for free, i love JP!) with some things, on dinosaur mesh deformation, and all sorts of simulation, including, bone sliding, muscle volumes deformation and jiggling, and splashes, rain, water drops, mud simulation etc...

please, contact me on

my vimeo stuff...

WOW, this game is amazing...  I need a full version of this :D   You should make a Back to the Future simulation like this. 

I was blown away how well this game was made! I enjoyed the reenactment of the scene. A couple of things that I think would make it better would being able to interact with the second explorer. Being able to do more things in the explorers IE honk the horn maybe or, turn on the radio.Turn on/off the headlights. I've seen some others play your game and, it doesn't look like there is a way to win. It's disappointing would be nice if you made it to a certain gate or, did something that would be a victory of winning against the T-Rex instead of try to run away until it decides to eat you. Super impressive what you have right now though!

Hi, this was a very good game you made, but you should have added the flare that dr. Grant and ian throws, and after you throw the flare you half to get to the other side that leads out.

AWESOME... but, is there a way to escape or we need to die forcefully?

That T-rex was very detailed and real-looking! It was short, but very enjoyable.

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Twas nice seeing the dinosaur up close and personal. Seeing the way it interacted with the car with its increasing agitation when I was hiding was both a scary and fun  experience for me.  I just wish that this wasn't just a recreation of a movie scene as I would've loved to see it be longer, and maybe have an ending goal in mind as I can see how fun it'd be hopping from car to car to escape a dinosaur (or dinosaurs if that version were to be made). 

Overall, great job on this~ It's a nifty game.

hi, when ever i try to download it, the file always sends me to "open file with" and i try to find something but when i close it the file automatically opens file with internet explorer and i won't open when i  click on "open" is there any way i can fix this? if so thank you, because i have wanted to play this game for a long time.

install Win-Rar first

download it here

hello unity5games i playedyour game t-rex breakout and its soo cool because im big fan of jurassic park but when I was standing next to him he began to sniff me and he worked so continuously

hello unity5games i played your game t-rex breakout and its so cool because im big fan of jurassic park but when I was standing next to him he began to sniff me and he worked so continuously

hi there. 

When I download this I get a message saying g folder 'T-Rex Breakout Demo_Data' is missing.

Can anyone assist?

Windows install

when it say's Demo_data is missing when you Extract it dont delete the folder because when you do it delete's all the data with it

I hoped this help :)

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This is great ! I am waiting for more and VR (dualshock) Thank You


Hi Unity5games! This is a gift for you :-D Thanks for this awesome "playable scene" ;-) I've designed more that I want to send you via mail (if you want). Thank you very much!

why cant i install it


You need to use Win-Rar or Win-Zip to extract the file

wtf year is this? winzip? lmao

i look to a real gamesnow.

theres a few things that could be improved; like the fact that in your game, the t-rex's iconic escape roar doesnt have the t-rex's mouth open as wide as in the film. Theres also the fact that you can continually loop the change seat animation by changing to the seat you're already in. The feet on the rex also glitched at one point, but i think i just had the graphics setting higher than my computer could comfortably handle at the time - so thats on me. 

that being said, this is astoundingly beautiful and terrifying as fuck. 10/10, would get eaten by t-rex again. 


Jack played your game and loved it, congrats!

WOW.. Thank you!

Interesting game. It looks great, just wish there was more to it.

dude..... please do the original version....the demo was sooo gooood. You have a really good potential use it. Maybe you can make a game like this,  for the virtual reality. I know is hard, but you know. WITHOUT SUFFERING NOT GLORY 

hey unity 5, did you get your pc fixed yet? Still dying to play this in vr!

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I will gladly donate a few bucks to this cause ;)

I still haven't tried this as I want to experience this only in VR. 

Very soon! :) I'm also dying to make more of this. 

It doesn't take that long to make it VR. You just need to download SteamVR in Unity and apply a camerarig into the scene.

Build again, and it's done

Have you tried with VorpX  modifier?

I don't like vorpx. Your game would look and run better if it ran natively in vr without vorpx. It's already does but like I've said, I can't get past the menu

Great job! Would love to play more if you add anymore to it! Keep up the amazing work

LOVED IT!!!!! I wish there was a whole game like this. Super cool!

Hey! Really love your both playable scenes !! They are very very cool :-D How can I communicate with you in private? 

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What do you mean by "both playable Scenes"? There is another game like "T-Rex Breakout"???

Yes! There's a Kitchen one: 

wow! Thank you very much! This is so much fun! I really love it!

Make this on VR. please!

With the VRGIN mod you can view in VR the menu but unfortunately you can start the game

Cool game, but there is a weird bug with the car chairs. You can keep moving to the left chair (even if you are already on the left chair...). Then you get magically teleported back. 

Smitty im have solution for your poblem dont play on laptop beacuse everthing on laptop working like SHIT

I have a laptop and I did everything right with getting the game downloaded and I even did steps I followed online to find out how to get a more smooth experience or a faster frames per second, but the game is still choppy or low on fps. Any helpful tips on how to fix that? I kinda wanna find a way to make a Lenovo laptop work with these games

Have you tried lowering screen resolution and graphics quality in configuration window before you press play? It'll look a bit ugly but it may help to get faster frames.

Any possibility of doing a build with VR support? Unity XR settings can use Oculus  SDK and OpenVR.

Mind Blowing. It is what i wished for. Excellent work bro.

You can add a survival mode where you go through the forest and avoid making noise else the T rex will come after you also you can recreate the part of the lost world where the bus is pushed off the cliff.

Also thinking how epic it would look in vr

it wont open the file

You just need to find and install WinRar or WinZip then you can extract the file.


i suggest you keep this great game as it is and dont do what stupid people will request like derek

Yeah, I have no clue what the hell he meant for this game to be a flying shooter, unless he means for you being a member of the park's guards and you have to shoot the dino down from a helicopter. Either way, that's a pretty stupid idea for this game, lol.

I will love to see this in a flying shooter version, like the ones from SEGA but with this awesome graphic quality and smoother moves

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My dude, this is an awesome execution of a dinosaur enemy concept (with some additional tweaks, fixes, ya know). I played, reviewed, and offered suggestions for both T-Rex Breakout and your other hidden gem, the Raptor update. Don't mind the stupid intro of course, that's just me being a goof, hahah. Regardless, I hope you get some entertainingly insightful feedback that can help shape the game into somethin' everyone, including yourself, would want it to become.

Ktnxbye rexy! ;p


mine is dark too. do you know why?

why is mine so dark, i cannot see anything


I only getting the game in daaaark/no colours :(

Any Idea why?


yeah same, i cannot see anything

same here :(

This game looks awsome you should add a t-rex chase when you are in jeep and trying escape from rexy or make ablity to let rexy flip the car witchout breaking upper glass PLS

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