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how's development going?

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Very cool. Looking forward to when this can be played!

Would it be possible to get a download code for the demo would love to have it showcased on my channel

1:35 blew my fing mind.  This is what Skyrim wished it could look like.

Look forward to the final game!

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this looks sweet

I wish we could play this :(

Are you not making any more Jurassic Park games?

Yes I am, just taking a little break

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You definitely know your stuff my guy. As a HUGE GOT fan, I love everything about this and it looks amazing! Can't wait to be able to play this! I got an email saying this was released but there's no where to download it? 

Thank you so much, I've been waiting for this comment. It will be released in a few months, still need to work on a ending and a lot more fighting.

I would like to present it on my Youtube VR channel. Is there a way to get the demo to give a quick look?


Looks Great 👍